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It's fun, it's challenging, and not your average farming game!

About the game

Compete against all other players in the game, to see who can make the most money in 1 week of farming.

It’s all based around 1 market with 9 crops… which quickly turns into a war zone.

You need to strategize, and outsmart the competition. Or join forces to manipulate the market. But only the smart will make it to the top.

Games last for only 1 week. Games start Monday mornings and end Sunday evenings.

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Addictive strategy game I think Farm Wars is one of the best online games! It teaches you patience, and is challenging and fun at the same time.

Lucretia Petersen

This is the best farming game you can find. There's no other game like it. If you want to know what real life farming is like download this game. This is farming taken to the next level. Farming has never been fun, until now FARMWARS the best farming game ever.

Asanda Cele

Best Strategic MMO ever!!! Never as much thought of being a farmer, learn a market with full influences, run a Company and have team players aside. Disasters, upgrades, cards, etc... Who needs more? Well done!!

Shaun Smit

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