A farm consists of one or more plots on which crops can be grown. Each player starts with 3 plots

When you have enough cash you can buy a new plot. You can then either buy a separate plot, or add the extra tons to an existing plot. Just remember that if you choose to rather upgrade a plot, those extra tons will only come into effect once your plot starts to grow.

There are two very important values:
Total Equity: Equity is the total value of your farm which includes all the plots you bought plus your cash. This is the most important value on your farm. You need to get this as high as possible.
Cash: This is the cash you have at hand which can be used to buy things (like new plots) and pay for sowing crops. Your cash can go into the negative when sowing.


Plots have the following states:

Unused: The plot is currently unused and should be plowed before seeds can be sown.
Plowing: Is currently being plowed.
You can cancel a plot which is still being sowed. You will be refunded the originally sow cost, but it will cost you 5 eggs per plot.
Plowed: Plowing has completed, and it's now waiting for the player to select which type of crop to sow.

Sowing: A crop is being sown. You can cancel the sowing, and the sow cost will be refunded to you (However if you used fertilizers, it will also be cancelled but not refunded).
Growing: Sowing has completed, and now the crop is growing.
Waiting: The crop has finished growing, and is waiting for the player to harvest it.
Harvesting: Busy harvesting the crops. Once completed, the crops will be transferred to the stockpile and can then be sold.

Crops in your stockpile will be shown under the market. There will be a button to sell the crops. When you sell crops, it will use the latest market value.

Once you have sufficient cash from selling crops on the market, additional plots can be purchased. When you buy a new plot, you will also get 3 tons extra per plot you currently have on the new plot you bought.