Medals and Levels

* All Medals and Levels are awarded at the end of each game.
* To qualify for any medal you must have made at least 1 sale in the game.


Medals are based only on the overall leaderboard. You can receive one medal in each category per game.

Achievement Icon Based on Position (Winner, 2nd Place, 3rd Place, Top 5, Top 10, Top 25, Top 50, Top 100, Top 200, Top 300, Top 500)
Achievement Icon Based on Equity ($50, $75, $100, $115, $130, $145, $160, $175 million)
Achievement Icon Based on amount of plots (6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20)
Achievement Icon Based on the biggest sale made (Biggest, 2nd Place, 3rd Place)
Achievement Icon Winning Company (CEO, Director, Member)
Achievement Icon Top 5 Company (CEO, Director, Member)
Achievement Icon Top 10 Company
Achievement Icon Dead Last player in the game (based on equity)
Achievement Icon Moving Target (End exactly on rank %d)
Achievement Icon Smart Investor (Bought shares in the winning company)
Achievement Icon Challenge Victor (Won a challenge - maximum 1 per game)
Achievement Icon Tournament Winner (won a tournament which spans across multiple games)
Achievement Icon King (Minimum requirements: Queen, Game Winner, Biggest Sale, CEO of winning company, $145 Million equity, Chief Trader)
Achievement Icon Queen (Minimum requirements: Prince, Top 5, Top 2 Sale, Member of best company, $130 Million equity, Interest Master)
Achievement Icon Prince (Minimum requirements: Top 10, Top 3 Sale, Director of a top 5 company, $115 Million equity, Challenge Victor, Smart Investor)
Achievement Icon Interest Master (player who earned the most interest)
Achievement Icon Chief Trader (player who made the most profit from trading derivatives)
Achievement Icon Best of the Best (broke the high score on the server)
Achievement Icon Soup Chef (company member who contributed the most towards soup)
Achievement Icon Battle Conqueror (member of the winning team in a Battle game)
Achievement Icon Best Member (company member with the highest equity)
Achievement Icon No Company Leader (best player who did not play in a company)
Achievement Icon No Trading Leader (best player who did not buy any derivatives)
Achievement Icon No Cards Leader (best player who did not use any power cards)
Achievement Icon Community Hero (player who contributed the most towards the community chest)
Achievement Icon Standing Strong (player who won the Last Man Standing game mode)
Achievement Icon Winning Team (The winning team in a weekly challenge)
Achievement Icon Grand Master (AKA the Golden Carrot Award) (Minimum requirements: Game Winner, Biggest Sale, Best CEO, Interest Master, Chief Trader, Standing Strong, No Company Leader, No Trading Leader, No Cards Leader, Dead Last, Winning Team)

Server High Score

Farm Level

Levels are used to indicate the player's experience in the game and unlock new game features.
While you play, you are awarded points, and if you have enough points for the next level you will level up. The better you play the more points you will score.
Points are awarded as follows:

Everyone starts on level 1. Level 2 requires 10 points. Level 3 requires 30 points (20 points more), Level 4 requires 50 points (30 points more) etc.


When you join a game, you are also placed inside a specific league. You remain in that league until the next game.
Each league has its own daily and weekly prizes. The higher the league, the bigger the prizes.
Your league depends on your farm level:

Farm Level 1 - 3 4 - 6 7 - 9 10+

Farm Wars reserves the right to adjust the medals and levels at any time. T&Cs Apply