These are just a few quick tips which will help you to play a better game.

  1. For maximum profits sow when the sow cost is low, and sell when the price is high.
  2. Keep your eye on the market. You will notice how the prices move up and down. The Price Index (PI) is a good indication of how good or bad a crop is currently doing. Though it does not mean that it will remain that way for long.
  3. Only growing crops which currently have the highest PI, is not a great idea. Rather look at up coming demands and how the crop will be determined. Those crops might give you better profit.
  4. Try and catch a High Demand. It's usually worth it. (Crops in High Demand will have a blue bar)
  5. There are 3 high demands each day. At the top of the Market page it will tell you how the next High Demand crop will be chosen. It is very important to incorporate this into your strategy. Clicking on the High Demand bar (at the top of the Market page) will give you more information and show you the next few High Demands as well.
  6. Crops on High demand has only a limited amount of tons available at that price. So sell quickly and be careful growing more of it as the price usually tanks when the High Demand is over, due to players selling late.
  7. Buy an extra plot as soon as you can. More plots equals more tons equals more profit.
  8. Tap on the chicken every day to receive some free eggs.
  9. You can tap on the plot icon to get additional information about that plot and when it will finish.
  10. To see more information about a crop, you can tap on the crop icon on the Market page.
  11. Use fertilizers to adjust the growth time of crops. You can make it grow faster or slower, but fertilizer can only be applied while the plot is being sowed.
  12. Always prevent disasters. You will have a 90 minute warning. If you don't you will lose 10% of all growing crops.
  13. Ensure that all your plots are always busy. You can either use fertilizers, or purchase a manager to help you manage your time better.
  14. Don't wait too long before you sell. Crops rot hourly, so the longer you wait, the less you have to sell. Also you can only sell a certain amount of tons on High Demand prices.
  15. Ensure you always have Internet access (and have enabled background data for the Farm Wars and Google Services) so that you will receive notifications on time.
  16. Join a company for 2 reasons: 1) You can learn from the team and fine tune your strategy. 2) Company members receive small benefits when they reach goals which will help you.
  17. Don't play all your power cards too soon in the game. A lot of the cards work on a per plot basis, and are thus worth more later in the game when you have more plots.
  18. Derivatives trading can help you earn some more cash which might help you to buy your next plot quicker. Dead crops usually improve again and can prove to be a good trading opportunity. Look at the crop performance graph to decide if it hit rock bottom or not.
  19. Always ensure that your farm is constantly upgrading. That extra 2% or speed boost will make a big difference on the weekend.
  20. Try not to go too deep into the red (negative cash), as interest will be applied on your cash balance every 3 hours. With positive cash, you will earn some interest. With negative cash, you will have to pay interest.
  21. Remember to check out the game changes each week. The game will be slightly different each week and will give you a good indication of how you should adjust your strategy.
  22. Remember that when everyone sells the same crop, the price of that crop will drop dead. So try not to get caught with a stockpile of dead crops. It might take a long time to recover.
  23. When buying a plot, it is better to just upgrade an existing plot you already have as that will mean less management for you. However if your current plots are still growing it might be better to buy a new plot as the additional tons wont come into play until the next grow cycle starts.
  24. Top players usually only grow 1 type of crop on all their plots at a time. Diversity is not always a good thing.
If you have more tips to share, then please send them to us!