Frequently Asked Questions

Do not panic. Your crops cannot just disappear. It probably just did not arrive at your app yet. This could be due to a bad network connection between the server and the app. Please refresh your Market page by pulling down on it. This will refresh the market and stockpile information.
You can continue to play your farm on a new phone or tablet quickly and easily. All you need to do is ensure that you have saved your farm on your old phone (Settings -> “Save”). Then on your new phone, again go to the Settings page, and click on “Restore”. Select the same account again with which you saved your farm and log into it. This will authenticate you and give you the ability to restore your farm on the new phone. Otherwise please contact us.
Click on the “list” icon which is at the top-right corner of the Shop page.
Profit Index (PI): This is just an quick indication of how profitable a crop is at the moment. It takes into account both the sow cost and selling price. The value it gives is actually the profit-per-minute for the crop (based on a standard plot with a yield of 100 tons). The higher this value, the more cash you will make. The normal PI for all the crops are 400. In the game however you will only see the difference from 400. For example: if PI is shown as 50, that means you will get a profit of 450 per minute. The calculation used here is: profit per minute = ((((100*price)-cost)/(plow+sow+grow+harvest)) - 400)
Rotting: Crops stored in your stockpile will decrease after some time so it's best not to wait too long before selling your crops on the market. You will lose %1$0.1f%% of the crop per hour (or a minimum of %2$d tons). The rotting occurs every hour, on the hour. To reduce the amount of rotting, a Freezer can be rented from the Shop. The Freezer will reduce the rotting to %1$0.1f%% per hour (or a minimum of %2$d ton). The Turbo Freezer Power Card can also be played to have no rotting for a certain amount of hours.
Best is to ignore such players. They are most probably looking for attention. Unfortunately this is a social game, and you will meet all kinds of characters here, and that is why we added the BLOCK feature to the game. So please block the player immediately. Do not even try to reason with them. That way he/she will not be able to communicate with you anymore nor will he/she be able to send you stickers.
You can block the player by going into his/her farm profile, and then at the top-right there is a dropdown menu. Clicking on that, you will see the BLOCK button. Once activated the player cannot send you any more messages nor stickers.
Do not let a few bad apples spoil your day. Once you block them, you will not have to interact with them ever again in the game. They will also disappear from your chat rooms. And the more people ignoring and blocking them, the bigger the message they will get, that their behaviour is socially unacceptable.
You should have accepted the terms of use when you entered the chat room. So you understand that the chat rooms are private and created/managed by the players themselves. The first thing you should do is report the message. You can do that by clicking on the offensive message and then on the “Report” button. After that you have the following options:
  1. Contact the player who is the owner of the room and inform him/her about it.
  2. Leave the room and join another room which has rules and moderation more to your taste.
  3. If it is only a specific player which is causing you grief, then please remember that you can block players. By blocking a player, you will also not see their messages any longer in all chat rooms. This is highly advisable.
We use the device’s cloud messaging system for all notifications. When you do not receive notifications in a timely manner, then it means that there is most probably an incorrect setting on your phone. Do not worry, we will help you with a few checks and steps:
  1. Ensure that you always have an active Internet connection as all notifications are generated by the server and will be pushed to your phone over the Internet.
  2. Ensure that your notifications are switched on in the game. Inside the game, go to Menu -> Settings -> Notifications. Check there that you have all the notifications enabled.
  3. Ensure that you have the app notifications enabled. To check, go to the phone’s Settings -> Apps -> Farm Wars -> Notifications.
  4. Ensure that the game has background activity active. To check, go to the phone’s Settings -> Apps -> Farm Wars -> Battery.
  5. Ensure that the game has not been placed in the sleeping list. This will prevent the game from receiving notifications while not running. Go to the phone’s Settings -> Battery -> Battery -> Background Usage Limits. Check that Farm Wars is neither in the “Sleeping” or “Deep Sleep” lists.
  6. If you have checked all the above and still struggle with notifications, then please go to Menu -> Settings -> Notifications and click on the "Verify Token" option. Then Force Kill the game, and start it again. You might want to give this about 5 minutes before trying.
  7. If you still struggle with notifications after all the above steps, then please uninstall the game and install it again. (You will get your farm back). Might be that some settings were changed, as there are many differences between phone makes and Android versions.
To keep the game fair, we detect cloning apps and emulators and then we prevent those farms from influencing the market. We completely block most emulators from even joining the game. So even if someone starts 10 farms with a cloning app, they will not be able to change the market prices or influence demands etc. Also we only allow 1 farm per device. If you play more than 1 farm on your phone, those farms will also not have market influence.
When you join a company with a stockpile, or while you have crops already growing, those crops will not contribute towards the company’s equity. This is to keep the game fair and prevent companies from profiting unfairly. All crops which were grown while you are inside the company will contribute towards the company.
By outsmarting everyone else playing. :) Here are some quick pointers…
  1. You need to think 3 steps ahead of the competition. Outsmart, outplay.
  2. Every week has different game changes, which require a different type of strategy.
  3. This is not a pay-to-win so buying a ton of eggs won’t help you.
  4. Try to focus each week on a different part of the game until you can bring them all together. 
  5. Make sure you understand all the tips given in the Tips section.
  6. Don’t forget that there is also luck involved! So keep a four-leaf clover nearby :)
Please contact us with your feedback. The good, the bad and the ugly. We appreciate all your thoughts, suggestions, complaints and praises! It definitely helps us to improve the game. Menu -> Settings -> Contact Us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank you so much for the positive feedback! Please help us by sharing the game with your friends and family and on your social media. Did you know you also get a nice egg reward for each player who joins the game from following your personal share link? Find your share link here: Menu -> Share. The more players there are, the more fun this game becomes! :)
We would love to give out real prizes such as online shopping vouchers / gear / tech, and it remains one of our biggest goals! But unfortunately right now we just do not have enough players yet to make this a viable reality. If you would like to speed this up, please help us by sharing the game with your friends and on social media. You even earn eggs each time a player joins the game by following your personal share link! Find your share link here: Menu -> Share.
Market movements are the core of the game. Just because your crop’s price dropped does not mean that someone played unfair or that there is a personal attack on your farm. There are many reasons why someone would sell their crops at times which could affect your crop’s price up or down. Here are some legit reasons why someone sold their crops which might have influenced yours:
  • The player does not understand the game yet, or made a mistake.
  • The player does not have time to wait until High Demand (going into a meeting, driving, etc).
  • The player does not believe his crop will demand anymore and tries to get out quickly.
  • The player is selling a crop which is needed for soup.
  • The player is selling to buy his next plot as quickly as possible.
  • The player is selling to try and get his stockpiled crop to go on High Demand.
  • The player is selling to try and help his factory’s buying and selling.
These are all fair reasons for selling crops. We have done a lot of work to prevent cloning apps and emulators. When someone joins with a cloning app or when they play more than 1 farm from the same phone, we detect that and remove their market influence. Thus those farms cannot change the market, nor influence High Demands. So you can continue to play with peace of mind.
No definitely not. We give free eggs each game which is enough for some basic things. You can spend some money if you like on services which will just make the game easier to manage. (Like a Manager which will automatically sow and harvest for you. And a Freezer which will allow you a bit more time before you have to sell your crops.) But at the end of the day it is not required, and it does not give you a big advantage over players who do not spend eggs. Anyone can win this game. It is all about strategy, some luck, and outsmarting the competition.
This is not a bug. It means that the advertising providers do not have available to you at the moment. This does happen from time to time.
Make sure that you wait at least 15 seconds, as it can take some time to load a new videos.
If the problem persists we recommend you reset your advertising identifier on your device. On Android, open your phone's settings, tap Google settings, tap Ads and then Reset advertising ID.