* There are only 9 crops on the market, which can be grown and sold.
* The market is driven by what everyone else is doing in the game so prices will go up or down depending on the supply and demand for a specific crop.
* Always check the market before deciding which crop to sow on your farm plots. The Profit Index (PI) will give you a clue which crop gives the best returns right now.
* The market will not change in the first 5 minutes of a new game to allow everyone a fair start.

Economy Basics: The market is always in balance, which means if you add together all the up's (+%) and all the down's (-%) it should roughly be equal to zero (excluding crops on high demand). The more people sell of crop X, the more crop X's price will fall; but at the same time it will push up the prices for all the other crops - this ensures that the economy always stay in balance. That is the basics of economics, it's all about supply and demand. Master the market and you will master the game.

Price/ton: This is the current (market driven) price per ton you will receive when you sell the crop right now. The more people that sell the crop, the more the price will drop.

Sow Cost: This is the current (market driven) cost for sowing the crop on one of your plots. The more people that sow the crop, the higher the sowing cost will rise.

Stockpile: This is how many tons of the crop you currently have stored, and which can be sold at any time. (Please see the Rotting section below).

Bonuses: This shows the additional bonus percentage you will receive when selling this crop. This can be due to farm upgrades or playing a Power Card.

Profit Index (PI): This is just an quick indication of how profitable a crop is at the moment. It takes into account both the sow cost and selling price. The value it gives is actually the profit-per-minute for the crop (based on a standard plot with a yield of 100 tons). The higher this value, the more cash you will make. The normal PI for all the crops are 400. In the game however you will only see the difference from 400. For example: if PI is shown as 50, that means you will get a profit of 450 per minute. The calculation used here is: profit per minute = ((((100*price)-cost)/(plow+sow+grow+harvest)) - 400)


Rotting: Crops stored in your stockpile will decrease after some time so it's best not to wait too long before selling your crops on the market. You will lose 1.5% of the crop per hour (or a minimum of 2 tons). The rotting occurs every hour, on the hour.
To reduce the amount of rotting, a Freezer can be rented from the Shop. The Freezer will reduce the rotting to 0.5% per hour (or a minimum of 1 ton).
The Turbo Freezer Power Card can also be played to have no rotting for a certain amount of hours.

Market Crop Indicators

These icons will be shown on the market page, which will help you plan for High Demands:

Favorite Demand Crop Favorite Demand Crop
This gives you an indication of which 3 crops are currently the favourites to go on high demand next. There are many different systems on how the next high demand is determined (the system is shown at the top of the market page). This indicator will show you which crop will go on high demand if the high demand happened right now. For example: The crop with the up-arrow 1 means that if the next high demand happened right now, that this crop would go on high demand. (Please note that this indicator is only shown with some demand systems, as not all high demand systems can be determined)

Temporary Unavailable Crop Temporary Unavailable Crop
A crop can only go on high demand 3 times per week, and once it is on high demand, it cannot go on high demand again for 3 demands. So the X indicates that the crop cannot go on high demand next, and the number next to the X tells you for how many high demands this crop is unavailable for. For example: X3 means that this crop was the last crop to go on high demand, and cannot go on high demand again for the next 3 high demands.

Sold Out Crop Sold Out Crop
Once a crop has gone on high demand 3 times (which is the maximum amount for each crop) this icon is shown. It means that this crop cannot go on High Demand again.