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Online Multiplayer
Strategy Game

Farm Wars will test your strategic and lateral thinking to the limit as you compete against everyone else to outwit and outsmart the competition to reach the top spot. Or chase one of the many secondary goals in the game. It will not always be easy, but definitely worth the effort once you reach the top in this intense, real-time, online, multiplayer game.

The game is based around 1 market with 9 crops… which quickly turns into a war zone. We do not promise fancy graphics, but we do promise you a roller-coaster ride while you try to make as much profit as you can.

Games last for only 1 week. Games start Monday mornings and end Sunday evenings. It is like chess, the board gets reset after each game, and everyone starts equal again. But each game is totally different and requires different thinking which also makes this game very addictive, challenging and fun!

Why play Farm Wars?

Game Resets Weekly icon
Game Resets Weekly

Games start Monday mornings and end Sunday evenings. Everyone starts equal again.

Live Market icon
Live Market

The market goes up and down depending on what players are buying and selling. Things happen in real-time.

Fairness icon

We said NO to the pay-to-win model. This is a skill based game and money won't buy you a win.

Glory Awaits icon
Glory Awaits

Weekly winners in multiple categories. Win eggs and medals to brag about! Not everyone can get them.

Multiple Layers of Strategy icon
Multiple Layers of Strategy

Defend your own crops, or attack someone else's? What will the other players do next? Should we try to swing a High Demand? Defend or attack a factory crop? Best to think 3 steps ahead.

Social icon

Join forces or play solo. Chat privately or in chat rooms. Make friends or enemies... The choice is yours.

Time Management icon
Time Management

You decide how much time you want to spend in the game. There are many tools to help you with it like the manager, fertilizers and auto-sell.

Challenges icon

Challenge your friends, family or enemies to see who can outplay who. You can even team up against others! Wager some eggs where the winner takes all.

Get Smarter icon
Get Smarter

Learn how real-life markets work and expand your lateral thinking. It is all about supply and demand. This game will teach you the basics of business and develop your canny side...

Player icon
"I love the fact that the game only runs for a week and then resets. This gives everyone the same resources to compete equally."
5 stars
"My new favourite game! The game starts slow, but man, by the weekend it's all hands on deck. Who knew one market with nine crops can get this intense."
5 stars
Player icon
Player icon
"The graphics are meh, but the real game happens behind the scenes. So much fighting and killing of crops to try and control the market. Once you understand the market you will be hooked!"
5 stars
"Such an interesting concept for a game! There are so many levels of strategy you have to think of. Almost like a 3 dimensional chess board."
5 stars
Player icon
Player icon
"Brilliant! I play this game every week. Each game is totally different, and you will have to think 3 steps ahead to stay in the game. We team up to try and manipulate the market, but usually end up in a battle over just a few crops."
5 stars

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